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Welcome to Triton Cove

Well hello there! Welcome to Triton Cove. A snazzy name not only for our new blog, but also the lovely little hideaway in which we live on the Hood Canal. The Hood Canal is part of the Puget Sound in case you (like everyone else in the world) aren’t familiar. In fact, if you Google “Triton Cove”, references to our little inlet are really the only results you will get. Entering "Triton Cove" into Google Maps, without so much as a county, state, zip code or country to narrow the search, still only yields a single location with a tiny red marker sitting directly on our rooftop. This exemplifies the utter nowhereness of our habitude as well as the amazing singularity of the place.

Triton Cove seems to have been left behind by the rest of American civilization in all the right ways. Neighbors wave at each other, stop and chat as they pass in the front yard. They bring each other cookies and apple pie. They take care of their own. They help each other live better more comfortable lives. No one here is in a hurry. There is something surreal and yet very tangible about the cove. It’s a world unto itself, a life you expect to play out on a grainy black and white TV set. I expect it to only get better once we’ve settled in, but for now that seems to be a far off dream.

 Since the day we arrived we have been descended upon by hoards of children. They come like locusts, consuming all in their path. Sodas, chocolate milk, cereal, bread, eggs, chips...the whole harvest is laid to waste before them. Behind them is a swath of bags, books, laundry, blankets, sleeping bags, videos, games and candy wrappers. So alas we have battened down the hatches and dug in to wait out this hurricane of zealous youth before we bleach and mop and sweep and organize our life. For now it’s vacation time - and we are loving it.

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