The Dogs

It's October already?

Life is ridiculous.

One minute you're sitting in a cabin in the woods.
Nothing to do but watch tv, blog and dream of getting out of the woods.
Three months later your balls deep in a 4 bedroom house remodel, covered in drywall dust, wet paint and small anonymous contusions.

I've always been impulsive. I started this blog on a whim because I was bored. Well, actually I started it to get exposure for my work. So far it seems that the photo editor for national geographic doesn't have much time for blog reading. I can't blame him for his lackluster commitment to blog reading since I haven't really read a single blog since July 2011. Here's why.

I started this blog sometime after moving to Washington in July 2010, when our life was in holding pattern. Free from over complication. The Wifey and I went from the chaotic pace of city life in California, to living on the edge of a National Forest and spending the majority of our time watching seals and bald eagles hang out in our cove. It was lovely, but lulled us into a false sense of peace and order. The reality is that the world runs on chaos. Perpetually spinning out of control and back into control again. Every time of quiet is a just before the storm, and every dark night inevitably turns to dawn.

A dawn that looks an awful lot like dusty wreckage and bloodstained 2x4's.

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