The Dogs

I'm concerned

In an effort to procrastinate and distract myself from this stupid post I've been trying to write for days I decided to look at the stats page again to see if my ratings still look like something that sunk the Titanic. In fact it has started to stretch out into a slightly less disconcerting shape.

The thing that concerns me is my post ratings. According to the stats the most popular post in Triton Cove's entire history is a relatively new post that some how jumped past all the others in a matter of weeks. No doubt you're saying "But Pete, what post could possibly hold so much fascination and interest that it could so fully dominate all the other, more seasoned posts?" What post indeed my good people.

The unfortunate thing is that I'm pretty sure the hit rate on this post is not due to some new height of enlightenment I managed to achieve nor to the fact that I wrote something that reached out and touched the hearts and minds of the masses and sent them into a forward-this-to-all-my-friends delirium. No, I believe this to be a tragic mix of internet demographics and search engine key-wording gone wrong.

The most popular post in all Triton Cove history? You guessed it: Exploding Anal Glands!

WTF internet.


  1. From what I've learned about the internet, I wish I could say this surprised me. It's a sick, sad world (wide web) out there.

  2. Yo dude, I got a little sum'ing - sum'ing for you at my blog yo!

    惄 my cyber house rules

  3. I have a picture of Dr. Phil saying "You're Fat" on one of my blogs, and so many keywords to people finding my blogs is fat, Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil is fat, I love your fat, etc.

    Now I'm the fat Dr. Phil blogger. Sigh.


  4. For about a year, people found my blog by searching, "gnome sex toys." I'm not sure if these were sex toys FOR gnomes or shaped like gnomes but either way it's disturbing.

    I say you just put the word anal in every single post for a month and see what happens. Use it as an experiment.

  5. It's all about the title isn't it... Maybe I should title my next post (which I am struggling with) Enourmous Mammary Glands....

  6. Hey I read that one. Lol
    Those stats can drive you mad. Working hard to avoid looking at mine lest I see that the guest posts I host get many more views than the ones I write. When that happens I pout.


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