The Dogs

RTT3 The seats continue. I suck at blogging and other random thoughts

I want to post something really awesome. Because I have been on sort of a fail streak when it comes to new posts. There's been some dramafam (see also: sharing genetics with insane people), my best friend is flying in from LA and my aunt (single mom) and her 5 adopted kids (suck it Brangelina) are coming to visit as well. I've spent the last few days shopping and trying to get ready for the holidays. I have this epic post all about truffles that I probably should have finished a week ago in time for turkey day, but I just can't find the perfect photo of white truffles. So I guess it'll have to wait. You can get inspired for Christmas dinner.

I thought about posting a few of my saved drafts I've been plucking away at, but it just seems like a cop out to post something half ass. So instead of a half ass long post, you're getting this lame little wussy post.Updates from the week. The company that sold me the jenky car seat covers immediately responded and said we can return them. Of course I was insulted. As if they were all, yeh of course they aren't going to work for you, duh. So now I feel all rebelious and all "Hey up yours EBCSCM, I can make these suckers fit no matter what you say! dicks" I got back into it again and with my tools in Olympia I think I could have jerry rigged the covers to work (kinda) but I think I'm going to just suck it up and send them back and buy something that works, like this nifty hammock cover with dogs, (which is why I bought them in the first place)

On another note, the main reason that I've been neglecting this blog so much lately is that I've been pouring my time into a few new projects. One is The Red Picket Fence. you can see the basic set up HERE. Bascially It's a zin. Or a blog with several contributors ok. But I like to call it a zine because it makes me remember the good old days when I was an editor at X-Ray magazine in Pasadena. A jenky little underground rebel zine that was mostly put together using a 1985 xerox machine, scissors and scotch tape. I missed that little zine. I want to do something new. Ergo, RPF. check it out if you like, but it will be launching with several awesome articles in a week or so. Definitley after the holidays.

well I was gonna write more but The Wife needs me to carry The Bubs down to make yellow snow, oh yeah it snowed. Like, A LOT.  heh, ALOT of snow best creature ever.

I'll update this when I'm back to the calm little bubble that is our cabin. gobble gobble.


  1. Hey bloggy friend. I too, feel that I suck at blogging. But I can't figure out why you think that you do. I love reading your stuff! I love your photos as well. Keep at it buddy. I will always check in to read what you have!

    Cheers! (oh, and happy holidays?) :o)

  2. haha, hey cass. I was mostly talking about my recent neglect and failure to post anything in many days. However I'm givbing myself a pass since we were getting ready for turkey day and expecting company. I'll be back when the holiday is over. Anyway, everyone is cheating on my blog with their stupid families! Whatev.


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