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Real talk (just this once)

This is a rare, serious post. If you love dogs animals, own a dog or know someone who owns a dog (especially, Bully breeds, Mastiffs, Dobermans, and Rotties) then this should concern you. Also people who don't care about animals but would like the government to quit taking so much damn control over our every day lives. (I'll keep my dog and my shotgun, thank you)

*This pic is not one of our dogs, although they do this alot*
Here's the deal, breed specific legislation is in the pipeline in Colorado. (and other places under the radar) Ultimately this ends with the government being allowed to ban and then kill your pet with immunity if you have a mix of a specific breed. Including, but not limited to Pit-bulls, Stafforshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Bull Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Akitas, Dobermans, and other "bad" breeds as determined by some idiot sitting behind a desk on capital hill who never even owned a pet hamster, let alone knows anything about your dog specifically. If you own one of these breeds and live within the county that has a breed ban passed, regardless of it's temperament history, if you're dog gets out of your house once, he's dead. Sometimes they just take them straight out of your yard while you're at work. Imagine coming home and finding out your dog was put down by the government without notice. It starts small but snowballs fast. Think you're cool because you don't own a Pitbull? Thank again.

Pissed off? Click here to go to the facebook page of the dude behind it all, the head of Denver Animal control. Email him and let him know what you think about him killing over 3,000 dogs (many family pets with no record of malfeasance. The video at the bottom has contact info for all the guilty parties perpetrating this genocide.

We need serious  penalties for people who abuse animals! REAL prison time, serious fines. It's shameful that our "justice" system doles out more lenient penalties for people who torture animals to death purely than for littering ($1-4k per ticket in many places! Apparently our concrete highways are more precious than living creatures) or a minor narcotics possession. A guy trains his dog to be a killer, through a lifetime of neglect and pain, he gets caught dog fighting, gets slammed  with a $300 fine and starts adopting dogs from the local kennel the very next day. Because it's easier to blame the dog than admit what an insidious, blood thirsty species we humans can be.

*careful kid, he might snap and rip your face off any moment*
You may or may not share my belief that Pitbulls are one of the most loyal, affectionate, reliable and loving breeds there is, that's fine, that's a rant for another day. The bottom line is that some people use Pitbulls' natural loyalty to make them dangerous, they aren't born evil, they are born wanting to love, please and protect. Unfortunately if someone is a sociopath like Mike Vick (evidence for this later), what pleases them is seeing animals get tortured and killed. And Pitbulls are one of the breeds that will cause or endure any amount of pain in order to please and protect their pack leader. This willingness to accept pain and injury in the hopes of pleasing the master is known as "gameness." It's not a dog breed problem, it's a human being problem. We are blaming the wrong species.

So I urge you, find out about Breed Specific Legislation in your city, and please please please, if you care about dogs at all, go to this link and help this cause be heard. It's crazy fast/easy and super effective. Politicians crap their pants if they think anyone is actually paying attention and might get pissed off.

We need to push for stronger penalties against animal abuse, not outlaw certain breeds, especially loyal ones. You wanna outlaw a breed, what about cats? My friend had one of those and that little bastard didn't care about anyone, thought he was like, sooo much better than everyone. (JK yo! Calm down cat people, don't get your whiskers twisted, I'm just kidding. I had two cats on the farm growing up and they were the shiz. More on that later.)

Still feeling like it's really not that big of a deal? I dare you to watch this quick video. 


  1. Yeah to Denver,Colorada you refer,the Fuehrer of Denver the leading Genocidal Maniac has put himself up for Governor of Colorada and is apparently winning the race at the moment.If Hinklehooper should win,G-D Forbid,then he will have the whole of Colorada to Murder Family-Pets.

  2. yeh, I generally try to maintain the high ground, but this once, in an insomniac and dog love fueled rage I shamefully sent that dude some hate mail on facebook. I can't say I'm proud, but he had it coming.


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