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Preemptive FPF: Happy Christmas and cute kids.

Well I thought I would throw up one last post since I, along with most of the rest of you, will be booked up this weekend with Wackyfamilychristmastravaganza! 4 dogs, 5 adults, 6 kids... 0 chances for escape. (you should read that last part in a deep raspy movie trailer voice.

Anyway, I will obviously be taking a few days off from the intermonkey on my back to cook roast prime rib, stuffed pork tenderloin, baked truffle mac and cheese, roasted potatoes and veggies, and yorkshire pudding. The greatest holiday treat hardly any Americans make.

So anyway, I could drone on, (like usual) but I have to go pack the car with presents and suitcases so we can drive down to P-town for the weekend. So I will leave you with a few pictures. Some of these were taken a couple christmases ago.

Watching for the first snowflake to fall (3 hours. serious)


I'm about to puke.  woooooh

Best. armor. ever.

Profanity bubbles make your roadrage more festive.

Christmas toy delirium.
White Christmas. Blue fingers.

So cold. So sad. Hot Chocolate heals all wounds.

watching it snow

More pictures. Less Christmas.

That's all for now folks. Have a happy holiday. Hug everyone for me. But not in a creepy way. Actually, on second thought, in a creepy way. Like when you hold on just a little too long and it gets awkward. That's more fun.

Ninja dog: A video essay

 The Beast sleeps with one eye open. Sometimes both.


FPF: Signs you're living in the Northwest.

So this might be the first time that I am ahead of schedule and not trying to throw together an FPF before midnight on Friday evening. Usually I would wax on and on before and get all carried away talking about photography and end up writing more than posting pictures.

But this week is going to be a little different. I'm mostly all stuck in my head looking through my archive or portfolio images and graphics. Tomorrow I am "doing coffee" with a real, living, breathing local fashion designer. Bri Seeley is currently crafting a line of signature dresses to push to stores and yours truly is on board to shoot the series. Tomorrow we are sitting down to discuss aesthetics for the shoots. I'm also hoping to bamboozle her into hiring me to build the branding elements for the line.

So I'm sort of distracted. Which doesn't really matter because it just means you get more fun pictures without as much of me prattling on. Which is probably a good thing since lately I've been losing followers left and right! (okay maybe just 3 or 4, but I really miss those bots)

Anyway, today's photo flaunt is extra awesome. If you've ever had the pleasure of road tripping around Washington state you may have had the luck to see some totally sweet signage. For example.

We couldn't bring ourselves to actually find out if the sign was right or not. I'm guessing they are probably O for 2 on that one.

Everyone knows that people in the northwest LOVE their coffee. I've personally walked out of one Starbuck's and been so close to another Starbuck's I could have spit on it. The web-foots up North just can't get enough of it. So if you have a business like carburetor repair or hotdog vender, you better also have frappuccinos too.

Nothing brings out the flavor of a 1/4 lb. kilbasa like a piping hot skinny cinnamon dulce. I especially like the priorities of the sign. As if customers come in to this place for the great coffee, and they might also grab a corndog too.      

 There's also this gem of an unfortunate sign. Nothing better than some smoked dog. I wanted to know if they had good food, but I was afraid they might try and make smoke my dog. Who apparently they used as a model to paint their sign.

You might be saying to yourself, "Sure, I like hotdogs, but I could only have hotdogs and coffee like three days a week. But the rest of the time I'd rather be oggling someone through a drive up window." No problem! We've got you covered.
I didn't even photoshop this sign, this is real. I was tempted to alter the berry sign, but I restrained myself.
Maybe you don't like to stop and get coffee before you go to the laundry mat.

What can you say about this one. You have to love the details in this. My favorite part is this permanent sign advertises "Great Junk" which as anyone can tell they clearly have the greatest junk ever, but also they are selling "Plants and Flower" They must have only had the one left to sell when they ordered the sign. Also, come back on Saturday for the "Art Festival." BTW this place was on the side of "Chuckanut" road in Northern Washington.

The only other thing for twenty miles on Chuckanut road was this.

The Chuckanut Alpaca Ranch. This farmer is hilarious. He has a thick Dutch accent and loves to take people into his gift shop and show them every single (2,415) item. He will also tell you what material every single individual item is made from. Spoiler alert: every item in the Alpaca gift shop is made from Alpaca yarn.

Here's a few more Washington-y pictures.There are a couple that are re-posted but I figure most current readers weren't around back when I originally put these up.

Fish and chips at Pike Place fish market
There is nothing like vine ripe Washington berries.

True story: I grew up wandering the berry patch on our farm in Tacoma. My first word: Raspberry.

Wild elk grazing along the road in town. There's a herd of about 30+ Elk that just wonder around. They are also the size of small horses.

Redneck stylin. Bbq and Gun day in the back woods.

Cousin Adam shows how to use a hillbilly spork. (Notice that he doesn't even turn the blade side away from his face)

Vicious Pitbull's and small child. Lazy Sunday 

This is actually our next door neighbor's cabin.

The dock.

Bubs enjoying our deck before it grew moss during the rainy season.

Fun fact: My great grandfather, in a feat of mythological enginuity, somehow built this boat house and the train track boat launch, alone. Including mixing and pouring the cement. No one knows exactly how he did it.

Well that's all for now. I have a few thigns to add, but I'm out the door now for my meeting. Fingers crossed internet!
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