The Dogs

The meanest / most awesome thing I've posted to date

So my mom told me a while ago she was going to follow my blog. I don't think she is. Which is fine, because it totally had me all wigged out for a while about censoring myself and not saying anything I'd get shame calls about. But after quite some time i'm pretty sure that she has not only neglected to keep up with it, but never even read it. It's a pretty easy guess since I had like 10 hits (what! number droppin yo!) this month. Yes, I can talk about how many people have read my blog like Single Dad Laughing. (I'm hoping that drinkin hatorade will help me blow up like beta dad)

But I digress. So in the interest of discovering if my mom is actually blog stalking me with Ninja stealth I have devised a truly heinous and twisted test. Because if she is reading my blog, she won't be able to help but freak out, and this post will end up getting removed under threat of legal action.

So without further ado, I present to you, a stunning 80's flashback moment. And don't try and lie, you know you went to The G shots too! Sooo sexay.

My phone is gonna ring in like ten minutes, or my mom doesn't actually read this blog.


  1. Also, that post totally saved my life. It was deep and powerful. Thank you.

  2. Asshole! now she isn't gonna have the nervous breakdown I was after!

  3. My mom follows my blog, so does my dad. The only thing I've censored is my sex life, other than that, it's more their embarrassment than mine! After all, I am a product of them. Muahaha is what I say. I might have to put up sweet pics of them though, just because.

  4. What is a blog even FOR if not to public disgrace and mortify your parents? I think maybe I'll throw a little awkward photo contest. have people submit their most awkward family pics and embarrass the hell out of everyone.

  5. I need to have my mom read this, because I KNOW she reads my blog and I DO censor myself because of it. Kinda takes some of the fun out of it. Now I just want to find an embarrassing photo of her for a future post...... Thanks Peter!!


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