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Holy blog awards Batman! Triton Cove is nominated for best photo blog over at Studio30+. Thanks to Heather at sugar free thoughts for the nom and The Didactic Pirate ( two totally awesome blogs btw) for pointing it out to me, otherwise I probably would have had no idea. 

I'm just too cool for school like that. I'm all "yeah yeah, another blog awards. Who cares. I'm above all that stuff. Right? Right." 

Okay FINE, maybe not. Maybe I'm a big fat liar who actually craves validation in the most unequivocally narcissistic and insecure way possible. Maybe it's my first nomination for pretty much anything. (except the tanned hide trophy, thanks to vinny c for popping my award cherry - he was very gentle) and MAYBE my inner artist is spending equal amounts of time dancing a jig and curled in the fetal position huddled in a dark corner of my psyche. Or I could also totally not care at all. For reals.

The bottom line is you should really go vote, and not just for me, but all the categories, because there's nothing more important than stroking each other's egos!

I'm actually all out of the whack today because I spent all this time on this "a look back" FPF.  Mostly because I'm shameless and I'm going to end up whoring myself out to every person who might possibly vote for me. Then, right before it's ready to post I realize that despite what many people thought (it wasn't just me being dumb this time) the forum that is up is for Nominations, and votes are not even being counted yet. Phhttt.

The other problem is that I'm away from home right now. Home is where my external hard drives are. My external hard drives are where all my photo libraries are. So I don't have much of a selection to pick from for this week and I don't waste the series before voting has opened, duh. Cause then everyone will be all "these pictures are awesome, I should go vote for best photo blog." and then they'll try to vote and be like, "oh wait these votes don't count yet it's just nominations, I'll totally vote again when it's time." And then the days will go by, I'll write some other lame post that covers up the pretty pictures and when the voting actually starts people will be all "I was gonna vote for some photo blog wasn't I? Hey look, there's 1 hot-pocket left in the back of the freezer!" And then instead of voting they'll eat a delicious and convenient snack. That happens to me all the time. These hotpockets are great. What was I talking about?

Anyway, I think this week, I'm get all random up in this bitch. I have all these random snapshots, (often crapshots) that just don't fit in anywhere specific, or they just aren't that good. They're a little blurry, or whatever and for whatever reason didn't make the cut. So today's FPF is sort of like the special features section on a dvd. Fun stuff that wasn't good enough to make the main event.

First let's look at some wedding shots. Photobooths are becoming popular more and more for events like weddings, birthdays, special events etc. It's a pretty awesome way to record the attendees of a party without sending a photographer around to try and snap candids of everyone. These photos usually end up looking like this one on the right I found on google. Most people get stiff and awkward when a camera is pointed at them.

But if you use a photobooth set up, you put a camera on a tripod with a background and give people a remote control to shoot their own pictures. For some reason people tend to loosen up in this context. And then you get pictures like these.

What's next... ummmm. How bout some food porn to go with your hot pocket.

I wanna have bacon's babies.

Real porn next? okay, maybe not. Firemen?

BABY HITLER!!!!! okay I might have just found this randomly on google by accident. but seriously, come on!

I don't really have anything to follow baby hitler right now. so... peace out


  1. Thanks Peter!'re welcome!! I love your photos!

    Now I want a Hot Pocket...
    And a baby Hitler.

  2. I now want strawberry and blueberry topped frogurt at 4am. Damn those pictures!


  3. Good to see you survived the holidays, man. You're right. there's nothing that needs to be said or done after Baby Hitler shows up.

  4. Dude, I totally nominated you on that photo blog thing, but yeah, whatev!

    And those are the best family pictures ever!

    惄 my cyber house rules


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