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Random Tuesday thoughts pt. 1

randomtuesdayZombie haiku:

I am a zombie
not the most usual kind
My brains are blogs- yum

Monday sucks goatballs, but can be redeemed through copious amounts of champagne and consumercrastination. (See also: Ross, Marshall's, Walmart)

New word:  Scareola 

Sca·re·o·la [Scuh-ree-uh-luh] 
nounjective, plural -lae -las. Biology .
1. a mishapen or extremely large ring of color, as around the human nipple.
2. Having an inordinant follicle density. (see also: man forest)
3. sometimes lacking in pigment as to confuse one regarding the border of said ring. 

update: I'm not sure what disturbs me more about this dude. His nipple hole shirt, the fact that he is either running for a Madmen character or named Peggy himself, his oddly extensive collection of wrist wear and accessories or the fact that he is rocking a grocery store metallic balloon on his hat. There are a lot of layers to this insanity people.

If he bought two heart rate monitors, a gps watch, a step counter and sweat band, why didn't he spring for some nipple tape?


  1. I'm looking inside my shirt now, just to, uh, check some stuff.

  2. I thought that guy was John Lithgow......

  3. That's...frightening. I forgot what a carpet Alec Baldwin had going on.

  4. He's like the love child of Robin Williams and a circa 1973 carpet.

  5. Yes, scareola is an excellent word! I still love Alec Baldwin. This John Lithgow doppelganger is onto something. I hear when men do a lot of running and they sweat, their nipples chafe. Ergo, no shirt around nipple, no chafe. Genius. Insane, but genius.

  6. Lex: Hell yeh they chafe! I grew up playing ice hockey, and let me tell you, a freezing cold ice rink + sweat + protective pads = cracked bloody nipples. Not friggin pleasant. I found the best remedy was not to cut nipple hole in your shirt though. It's coating with petroleum and then duct tape. just remember that guys, duct tape is great for nips.

  7. I thought he was just playing peek-a-booby with the media.


    Great post!

  8. Love the haiku too - anything with zombies gets my vote. I have an entire post dedicated to zombies buried in my archives somewhere. LOL


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