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helpful tips for US citizens: When yoru goverment abandons you... call the media

When you can't get a message returned from your federal government what do you do? Call the only people who still answer the phone in this country. The media. They return calls within an hour and keep in contact.

I should mention briefly that the local government, specifically the Washington state senator's (Maria Cantwell) office has been very supportive in trying to be ana dvocate to help get my parents out of Libya. The only problem? They aren't getting their messages to the state department returned either!


  1. What a bunch of shit! (referring to earlier post as well) I certainly hope your parents are ok, buddy. I know it's not much, but I'll keep you all in my thoughts.

  2. Whenever we are outside the USA we always contact the embassy on our where we are, seems as though it would be pointless. How pathetic that they can't get their shit together to help your parents. Will keep you all in our thoughts and keeping the candle burning until your parents make it home.

  3. emailed your blog to Arianna Huffington, posted your blog on my FB, let me know if you need us all to start bombarding the media.


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