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Lybia update: US government a bunch of sissies. refuse to take action

I just spent an entire day making phone calls trying to find why exactly the fuck our wonderful government won't lift a finger to help get US citizens out of Libya. Here's the skinny. It's gonna fast and dirty because I'm totally exhausted and don't have the energy to be witty or entertaining.

This morning my dad sent me this:

"The American Embassy has not been very supportive and we think they could be doing more.  Do me a favor and call the embassy in Washington DC.  Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Britain, and even Holland have sent airplanes for their people.  The US has done nothing!  Not a single effort that we are aware of.  Here we are, the richest country in the world and what do you get?  Lip service.  The embassy even had a town meeting about 1 week ago.  They said their sole purpose was to protect the Americans and that we could fully rely on them.  NOT...  So we are working ALL other options other than hiking out.  But call the Embassy in DC and pester them for me.  Get your friends to do so as well." 

I immediately got up and googled the state department. After a little bit and screwing around with the stupid automated phone systems that every company on earth is now employing, I got directed to a real person who said they would transfer me to the head of office in charge of "international emergencies for citizens abroad" in the Libya sector. The head of that office is named Elizabeth Perry and her voicemail says she is "out of the office today". Not busy on the phone, not out dealing with this insane problem, but taking a vacation or something. Great timing Elizabeth. Bang up job. Her voicemail informed me "if this is an emergency and you need to speak with someone urgently, please contact Joanne Hunter at 202-669-3945."

I contacted Joanne Hunter and guess what I got? Another fucking voicemail.

"Hi this is the office of Joanne Hunter, liason for international emergencies, please leave a message detailing how you family members are in mortal jeopardy and we'll be happy to never call you back again. Thank you for attempting to contact your federal government. Dial 3 to continue to be assed out and ignored."

I left what may be considered strongly worded messages on both voicemails and requested that I be contacted immediately with information why the US government was ignoring this situation while citizens were trapped in Libya. That was early this morning. Now it's nearly 8pm and I have not received a single return phone call. I got the blow off. Like when you hit on someone out of your league in high school. Except back then it just meant my pride was crushed, not that my parents were in mortal danger.

According to international news report these countries were currently in the process of actively pursuing efforts to evacuate their citizens from Libya post haste.

Netherlands sending military planes.
Russia sent 4 planes for citizens
Serbia schedule evacuation, pursuing permits to land evacuation planes
Tunisia evacuating 1,200 people by air
Turkey evacuating 25,000 people via ground, air and sea.
Yemin instructed national airline to evacuate all citizens.
Bosnia is sending planes and arranged evacuation flights with commercial airline barak air.
France sent 3 military planes.
Greece sent cargo ships for europeans and chinese

Iran evacuating all staff in 48 hours and stopped all oil activity.
Italy evacuating by air
Japan has scheduled charter flights

US sits on it's fat ass eating a cheeseburger and advises citizens to evacuate Libya on their own.

This was as of yesterday when I started writing this post.

Since then the US has announced that they sent a ferry to a dock and advised US citizens to get there by themselves before it leaves. The only problem is that the boat is docked in a harbor that is cut off by the most violent and dangerous regions of Libya so people are not able to reach the ferry without any support from the US.

i'll update this further as things develop.


  1. scary stuff...sending positive energy your way

  2. Posted on my Facebook page ~ what do you need us to do?


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