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2011 continues to pummel helpless victims: story at 11

I guess that article about 2011 kicking my ass was a little premature. 2011 was nowhere near done chewing us up. My parents have now been stuck in Libya since Sunday night. To make things a little more interesting the total idiots that work in the US passport processing office in South Carolina have managed to bungle up my passport and are now sending it back hopefully in the next 7-10 days. We paid an extra $120 for expedited service, and yet they somehow LOST my certified letter. then lost my passport packet and photo. bang up job government. Red letter day all around. how hard is it to immigrate to Canada?

Too exhausted to write much at all. Just a quick update. After getting some media exposure the state department FINALLY returned my phone calls today to give us an update. Too bad it was three days late and they didn't actually do anything to help us out.

My parents contacted us briefly to say that they are on the US ferry that is waiting to leave Tripoli. They are sleeping on the floor with about 200 other people. Had one hot meal yesterday. Everyone is just waiting for the weather to allow them to leave. Hopefully tomorrow.

Sounds like everyone on board is safe and just trying to keep their spirits up. Thanks to everyone who sent their encouragement, thoughts and prayers.

My dad had this to say about his birthday on board the refugee ship:

"My birthday wish was granted!  Our guys in Benghazi are on board a small British war ship and are as safe as can be under the circumstances.  Like us they are delayed by heavy seas.  As in 16 foot swells.  We will spend the night here against the Tripoli dock again.  Not too worried though.  Have lots of food, staying warm, able to sleep pretty well on the floor.

Had a great birthday celebration with many of the children using barf bags to make me barf-day cards :). 

They even sang Happy B'day" on the intercom.  The embassy is doing a good job of taking care of everyone and anticipating our needs.  It's got to be pretty difficult for them and the crew as they are working quite hard.  Everyone on the boat is in good spirits and holding up well.  We often long walks on the car deck to stretch our legs and keep from getting too bored.  Hope to arrive in Malta about 6pm tomorrow"


  1. Well, that's a good development. Tell your pop I said happy birthday.

  2. That is great to hear, I am sure it is a relief.

    re: your passport, I should share one day with you my immigrating to America story. Only took close to $10,000 when all was said and done.

  3. Happy to hear things are looking up, even if it's just a little at a time. Happy birthday to your dad. (I got a good laugh out of "barf-day cards)


  4. Oh my! I'm sure all your cyber friends are wishing your dad a happy birthday. Wow. What a story, and he seems to hang in there like a total trooper.

    Hope all goes well (16' swells? -puke)

    惄 my cyber house rules dot com


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