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First blog banner completed

It's probably redundant to post this since 90% of the traffic on this page is coming off the Beta Dad blog. But I thought it'd be fun to do a line up of before and after pictures that went into my latest masterpiece blog graphic. If you want something snazzy on your blog you can email me for details.
For a one off custom graphic or logo I'm dirt cheap compared to every design company in the world, and if you have something to offer other than money, for example pimping me out like a 2 dollar ho. (thanks BD) I'm open to discussing alternative compensation if I'm not overbooked with projects.

Basically I built this graphic the way I build most of my labels and what-not. Take a couple cute/funny/personal/meaningful/unique pictures, usually something from the client. The important thing when  combining images is that the angle of the shot is similar and the light is not obviously going in different directions. This image worked well because the light was relatively non directional but enough to give the wrinkles in the fabric and the faces some depth and shadows. The next step was to find a cityscape with a similar angle, (slightly downward) since the kiddies were going to be Zilla sized that meant the image needed to be shot some pretty high up. Otherwise the angles wouldn't line up and the picture would look awkward. Enter the creative commons area. full res images you can play with. I use this all the time for stuff like this and it's good times.

Ah, here we go...

This image worked in a few ways. First, of course the downward angle. But there is also a nice amount of straight edge layers. The vertical lines created by the buildings make for a much easier layer cutting. I know later I'll be cutting those buildings out in order to create a 3D effect. I'm also looking for ways to fix that little missing feet problem. Because the original picture was brutally intruded upon by pumpkins, I have to find something to cover those missing peds.
With the subjects and background in the bag I set about assembling the details of mayhem that would give a realness to the image overall.

 Once the raw pieces were cut out and assembled I color corrected everything to match up and did finishing touches. When everything is finished we get this.



  1. I have a picture of myself that I would like to be made considerably slimmer, bigger boobs, movie star teeth, cute ass, tiny waist and preferably with boot up ex husbands ass. Are you able to do this?

  2. Actually Nubian, yeh pretty much all of the above. Depending on the beginning quality of the photo. If its grainy or blown out then ur in trouble, but if its a well captured pic, there's not much I can't do with it. I just need that and a picture of said ex hub in a suitable position, preferably bent over and screaming...

  3. So that's how you did it!

    Of all the $2 hos I've pimped out, you are by far the most talented. You almost make pimping easy.

  4. In the stoic and profound words of our great leader, Ice tea, "It's hard out there for a pimp" But I am some sweet product.

    anyway, that's the easy part, the hardest and most time consuming is the details, changing the color balance so it doesn't look like everything was shot with different cameras at different times a day and with different light, which they were. Lucky for you I was starved for something creative to work on and dove into that project like a ferret on PCP.


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