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Cancer sucks. Mustaches rule.

So it's Movember again. The magical time of year when the leaves turn to fire and blow in the wind, turkeys start roasting and otherwise normal looking men begin showing up to their respective jobs looking at first a little slovenly and eventually totally ridiculous as they dawn the Magnum PI look in order to raise awareness (and filthy luka) for the fight against prostate cancer. I read an interview with a founder who said the most powerful thing about growing a mustache for cancer awareness is that once you start, people in your life who would normally never even notice you suddenly start staring at your upper lip and going "Dude! Why are you growing a mustache?" and then you get to spread the awkward word on prostate awareness.

With this cause in mind I was planning to write a little post about this most awesome of cancer awareness activities. But as fate would have it, I was mercifully spared the effort of writing the topic. You ever plan on doing something and then someone else does the same thing so much better that you just say screw it? Well, thank you Didactic Pirate and all your howty towty "talent" and swannky writing skills. I mean, not all of us can be English professors. After reading this awesome post I decided that my time would be better spent watching The Food Network and copy/pasting THIS LINK. I demand that you all go read this amusing and informative post about the best thing to happen to the mustache since this guy:


  1. I almost didn't want to read your post. just wanted to comment on the title: two incontrovertible truths.


    this is such a cool thing and it makes me wish I could grow a mustache too like guys can. it's not like I can grow extra boobs to support breast cancer right? right?

  2. DUDE! You can! you need to start Octember! For the whole month of october, Women across the country and wear super crazy cleavage busting shirts (or just bikini tops?) all the time in support of how awesome boobs are and how much cancer sucks. I would sponsor that cause. Why does everyone wanna run/walk for breast cancer when reminding the world why we should be curing it is so much more effective! I bet we can get Victoria's secret to sponsor the event with tons of free wonderbras.

  3. I'm really starting to think I should join in the mustache growing campaign. But the scraggly crud I could grow would be an insult to mustaches everywhere. Would wearing a fake mustache be helpful at all?

  4. Beta, the spirit of this campaign is to raise awareness for cancer, not look cool and sexy, which I know is your primary concern in life. But what could be more awareness raising that a gnarly wicked half-stache! I say if you smite your lip with scraggly shortcomings it would be the most ultimate act of Movember perpetrated by man. You'd be a legend. Scraggle on bro. However,if you go faux-stache then you have to go hardcore handlebar.

  5. hmmm a mustache for prostate cancer awareness? I wonder what I should grow for ovarian cancer awareness...

  6. A horrifying pubic goatee? I guess that would probably raise awareness with one person. but he would be REALLY aware.


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