The Dogs

FPF: Triton cove is nominated. woot woot

Thanks to some truly awesome blog buddies (links coming soon) Triton Cove is nominated for a boomerang award from studio 30+. When I found out I was totally flattered and stoked and immediately began formulating a plan to write some super kick ass photo flaunt to rally support for the cause. That was a little while ago and now that voting has finally begun I'm totally behind the bar. Why? because this is my first day of down time since I heard about the awards in the first place. All the stuff that has happened int he last few weeks would be a long, winding story filled with strange digressions and slightly macabre topics. So i'll save that rat's nest for another post and for now just say that for the moment I am completely and utterly emotionally and physically exhausted.

I wish I had some wise and witty words to wrap up 2010 and usher in the new year with hopes of blog awards and the inevitable launch of my side project Red Picket Fence. But right now I'm just too distracted with my rum and coke and tivo'd Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. The cruel cold world filled with artistic insecurity and whorish self promotion will have to wait another day. I've had an assload too much perspective on big picture stuff to process right now. So I'll just say this. Thanks for the nomination guys. If we're blog buddies and you're nominated, write me, cause I don't want to miss you on the ballot. And everyone should click the link below for the ballot form.

AND VOTE. Because how else will we know that sitting here in our pajamas and navel gazing is worth all this time and effort.

So anyway, I figured this was as good a time as any to do a look back at previous photos that have been featured along with a few new ones (This has nothing to do with the fact that I'm away from the home office and can't upload any new photos from my external drives). Why? Because I'm just as much a shameless whore as any blogger, and I want you to go vote!. Seriously, go do it. Vote minions! And tell your friends. Blog awards are more important than the golden globes nowadays.

Here's some eye candy to motivate you.



  1. Is your book for sale yet? You know the one with all that amazing photography? Love it...

    I applied for a job recently that asked me what my favorite class was and why, and I had to say it was photography because I loved the endless hours I'd spend in the dark room. Remember those days? Seeing the image slowly appear on paper like magic?

    惄 my cyber house rules

  2. Those, buddy, are exactly why I was one those who nominated & voted for yo.

  3. I am loving those pics of the pooches. They are adorable. Your pictures are amazing. :)


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