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I've peaked

Here's a really random little post. I know I've been gone forever, and because of that I'm trying to cram a bunch of stuff into a "what I did for Christmas break" report. However, that is taking longer than I had hoped since it;s actually a pretty insane and confusing story. So for now, here's a little chunk I broke off the bigger post. I'll post something real in just a little while. for now, here's something that made me laugh.

Ever wonder if you've peaked? Like maybe you've done the best you can do and it might be time to just shut up and eat a hot pocket while you watch Louis C.K. videos over and over. After being away for a few days, I recently happened to click on that little bastard tab that says "Stats."  For us bloggers, this button should be labeled "you're net worth as a human being" or something along those lines. Sometimes I don't check my stats for days at a time, sometimes I just sit there and hit refresh for hours. But the other day I clicked on it, and when I went to "all time," I actually had to chuckle out loud to myself.

Please understand I'm not trying to bitch and whine and throw a big poor me festival here. I'm not into that and it bugs the shit out of me when people go on and on about not getting the recognition they deserve. But you gotta admit it's kind of funny. Obviously, this is partly because I was a huge bum and didn't write a damn thing over Christmas, combined with the fact that most people are spending time with family over the holidays and not reading the meaningless ramblings of some dude on the internet. Still, it's sort a poignant visual metaphor. Since the blog is relatively new, over the course of years that bar will go up and down and hopefully that will not be the all time highest point in my interweb jabbering career. Which is why I had to post it before it changes and becomes less funny and/or sad.


  1. I'm just glad you're back. Lot's happened since the last time we didn't talk. I am now living on a boat dude! Yeah! Totally on the mothaw fuckin' boat. And I'm just glad you're back because although those pics of the little boys are cute and shit, it's just time for new eye candy (that didn't quite sound right)... Cheers bro!

  2. Those stats can mock you pretty bad. You know I had to check mine after I read this and I am down for December too. I think everybody but me were on holidays

  3. Hmm...the shape of that graph looks very familiar somehow.

  4. Hope you're starting to feel better! I doubt you've peaked, I think you'll find that since Jan and Feb are so boring and dull (or maybe that's just me) people will be back to reading blogs every hour! Yayyyy winter.

  5. I don't even look at my "stats" because it depresses me! I actually think it was a terrible thing to add. Because now I am addicted to checking where I stand...

    Check out my latest post. I was told that you might like it.

  6. So after reading this post I was about to go into the corner and rock in the fetal position.

    As much as I would like to say that I do this whole blogging thing just for me and if people happen to read my blog and enjoy it then all the better...but that would be a lie!

    I find myself obsessed with how many visitors I have and how few people have signed up to follow my blog and does it even count if the main people who are commenting on my posts are members of my immediate family ( ok it's really just my mom and dad.)

    So I totally empathize with your statement about net worth. And when I saw your graph was upwards of 1K hits I figured I might as well give up now. (I thought the graph was 1K hits in a single day.)

    But then I checked my stats again; this time looking at "All Time" and suddenly everything was right with the world. It looks like I will live to blog another day.




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