The Dogs

My state's beer is better than your state's beer.

Or at least naughtier! Let's take a look at a few of the amazing microbrews available in this great town. BTW, I did not alter or make up any of these products. you can buy all of them at our tiny little grocery store. Only one image was edited slightly in order to make me giggle like a school girl. bet you can't find it.

This beer will beat you down and call you a sissy. It's delicious and it only costs $100 an hour.

Don't you wanna taste the sassy pickle? Notice how happy The Wife is. This made her giggle for an hour. Some people are just so juvenile...


This is actually part of the new Washington state government alcohol warning requirements. When yer drunk, protect yer junk kids!

It's not the size of the bottle it's the potency of the sauce.

The best thing to do when you're drinking is try and ride a bike like a skateboard then get naked and jump head first into shallow, fast moving water.

Tune in next time for extra rad Washington business signs.


  1. lmao! i LOVE the beer labels in the NW! awesome!!!

  2. lol... Your careful analysis leads me to believe that it won't be long before we see brands like T&A Ale, Shlong Brew, or Cooch Hooch.

  3. There's also "Moose drool" (no joke) I think i'm gonna start Supertaint brand malt liquor. It'll 12% alc.

  4. noone found the photoshopped label?


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