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Michael Vick sucks...

So if you are a dog lover you probably know all about what a massive steaming pile Michael Vick is. We've been trying to raise awareness about this issue and get people to boycott the Eagles for hiring him since he was allowed back into the NFL to once again make millions of dollars being a role model for young kids.

Well if you're much a fan of Michael Dick as I am you'll be happy to know that Karma is still in the world and doing a bang up job. Granted, getting smashed like a bug between a couple 300+ D-linemen and breaking some ribs and a collarbone doesn't really balance out with years of torturing and killing dogs for entertainment, but it still makes the most satisfying highlight reel I've seen all year.

Sadly, because the NFL roots out footage online like the gestapo, I can't post the clip here. So instead here's a little insight into Vick's true character. The guy is nothing but class.


  1. Found your blog through BetaDad and I love your anti-dog fighting campaign (oh and your hilarious rants are great too!)

    I own two pure-bred boxers who look terrifying but in all reality want to sleep in your bed and lick your face off. We are ALWAYS asked if our "pit bulls will bite." Annoying really...

  2. Thanks for the kind words. We have a Blue Nose and a red nose American Bulldog and we constantly have people crossing the street or giving us dirty looks when running at the park. The irony is that Pitbulls were once the most popular family dog in the early 19th century. When trained well they are great with kids. Around the time of WWII this currently demonized breed was known as "The Nanny Dog". Amazing what some nasty marketing and shock value journalism will do.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I hate Vick! And I PITY whoever can not see what a dog killing sad excuse for a man he is! His only regret is getting caught!! However he will have to face the wrath of God and Jesus soon enough! P.s love your blog:D and I have 3 rescue dogs who hate Vick!! And they're all really big!


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