The Dogs

it's a official

I'm a fully dorked out uber blogger. I had this realization today while I was looking at some poop. And I blame YOU Beta Dad. You commented on a previous post regarding how I've been gettin deuced by the dogs like every five minutes, which only seems to happen when The Wife is gone.

So I was cruising through today feelin cool, feelin positive. I was using the secret and all my skat free vision boards. I took Bubs out and we walked around, well hobbled around on his bum knee. He seemed uninterested in his generally passionate game of which flower to bomb next. So I opened the door and let him in. He;s the only one i trust alone in the hosue. I took Bonnie to play fetch and burn off some of that 1 yr. old energy. We were gone minutes MINUTES I tell you. And when I got back I saw a very sad and apologetic Bubba next to a series of massive golfball sized dukes. I told him no, but he just shook and gave me his i couldnt help it face. So I run and grab the paper towels and rub cleaner and on my way back I stop and think oh I gotta get a picture of this to drop on BD for that comment he left about anticipating what further demise awaited me this week. Here's brown in your eye! So I drop my cleaning utensils and b line for my camera and it hits me. WOAH dude. what exactly is happening to you here? You're alone in your house and gleefully rushing over to get a camera and snap a shot of a huge Bubba Nug to post online to some guy you don't even know in real life. This is either totally awesome or I'm gonna be talking about it as my lowest low in a group session someday. I guess thats what it means to be a blogger. Postponing a feces removal activity so you can take pictures and double down on someone you don't know from Adam. What a world. Now THAT is country livin.

I wanted to drop the pic into a comment on his page but it wouldnt take. soooo

mmmmmmmmmm. blogtastic. THIS is why Christy should never leave town.


  1. Didn't stop BD from posting pictures (before he was a rock star)of his precious pooches up chuck oopsie and doo doo way back when ~ have your camera ready for the next time :) (btw when do I get my flowers?)

  2. Thanks, pal! Glad to know you think about me when you see dog shit.

    Like Nubian said, I got a couple good shots (I mean, fair, not all professional like yours) of dog diarrhea (it's sad that I've written that word so much lately that I can spell it right on the first try) within 24 hours. And that's just from one dog. Just click the keyword "dog" or search "fancy dog" on my blog.

    The upside is that a dog disaster is now not just a bummer, but a potential blog post!


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